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***For Immediate Release***                                          December 1, 2018                                



Keenwild announces the release of the dark and dynamic EP, ‘Fate’



Temecula CA – Keenwild, the 2-piece band comprised of Bill Gould and Jeney Kingsbury, announce their return. Bringing a fresh new sound to fans with the surprise EP, ‘Fate’, the record is set to be released December 14, 2018. It will be available worldwide on all streaming platforms and also by download.


‘Fate’ was recorded at the Keenwild home studio. While each song has a unique tone with a wide variety of instruments, they all reflect one theme: death and acceptance. This new, 5 song collection came from pre-production sessions for an upcoming full-length album slated for 2019. Unfortunately, during the studio time writing, Jeney experienced a serious loss with the death of her younger brother, Steve.


“I didn’t set out to intentionally write songs about the loss of my brother, it’s just something that happened” said Kingsbury. “I had so many feelings and emotions that I was able to work through in this album. It is by far the most personal lyrics I have written.”


The new record includes the lead single, a dark-pop plea for help ‘Where do I begin?’, an organ and guzheng driven six-minute epic ‘The last goodbye’, the piano pop song ‘Memories’, a hip-hop influenced ‘Ghost in the room’ featuring vocals from Bill; and the guitar-based title track ‘Fate’.


“After getting the vibe Jeney was expressing in her lyrics, it sparked me writing the verses for ‘Ghost in the room’. It honors the death of my grandparents and a close friend” explained Gould.


Keenwild Bio:


As a girl growing up in small town Kansas, Jeney longed for the city life and to be a professional singer. Performing in all of the singing events in her small town, she honed her vocal skills to perfection. As soon as she could get enough cash together, she packed her Chevy Berretta and headed west. 


Bill grew up in Southern California; music and entertainment were always a huge part of his life. He started hosting parties and making mixtapes for friends, while playing guitar and writing songs at home in his room.


Bill met Jeney through a website for a radio station in San Diego and quickly the two became friends. One day Bill heard Jeney singing to the radio and knew he had found the new lead singer for his untitled new project.


After settling on the name Keenwild and recording their debut album ‘Dievercity’, the band started playing every show possible. Soon after, the band released the CD ‘The Long Road Home’ and toured all over the western US. This new release ‘Fate’ is a follow-up to their 2015 EP, ‘Sunsets’.





Name: Keenwild (Bill Gould or Jeney Kingsbury)

Address: 27315 Jefferson Ave Suite J124, Temecula CA 92590

Phone: 1-951-491-9053


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