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Keenwild, is a 2-piece band from Temecula California, featuring Jeney Kingsbury and Bill Gould.


Growing up on a farm in outside of Russell Kansas, Jeney longed for city life and to be a professional singer. Performing in all of the singing events in her small town, she honed her vocal skills to perfection. As soon as she could get enough cash together, she packed her Chevy Beretta and headed west.


Bill grew up in Southern California; music and entertainment were always a huge part of his life. He started hosting parties and making mixtapes for friends, while playing guitar and writing songs in his room. Bill met Jeney through a radio station website and with similar musical interests, the two quickly became friends.


After hanging out together for a few months, the two began writing and recording music and Keenwild was born. Since then, the band has released multiple albums and EP's.

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